2019 Dinner

43rd Dinner Thursday, October 17th, at the Polish Hall

Registration was staffed by Bill Lowrie (Old Timer/Committee member) and Kerrie Light (Committee member/Marking Services Canada Ltd. ).

The 50/50 draw was staffed by Malcolm Ball (Old Timer/Committee member) and Angela Schornstein(Committee member/DS&M Mechanical) .

Mike Delmage (Old Timer) and Mike Procinsky (Wolseley) took the photos of the inductees and Old Timers.

Garry Alexander (Old Timer/Committee Member) took random photos during the evening, of the dinner, of the new inductees and the winners of the draws/door prizes.

Thank you to all.

Unfortunately the video of last year's dinner was not available to show at the dinner. It will be available on the website at a later date. Garry Alexander did put up on the screen the 2017 video.


Cocktail hour was from 5:30 PM to the end of evening, with an open bar.

Tom Crerar (Old Timer/Committee Chair) started the festivities at 6:30 PM. He told some jokes etc. (Don’t quit your day job Tom)

Mark Schendel (President of MCA of AB.) gave greetings.

Russ Evans, Executive Director was in attendance.

Dinner was served at 7 PM, consisting of salad, turkey, mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables,and of course perogies.

A shout out to the Kitchen and service staff for another great dinner.

There were three new inductees

Rick Delaney (Delaney & Associates)

Dietmar Schornstein (DS&M Mechanical)

George Vanderzee (Emco)

Tom read a CV of each inductee and presented them with a candle holder, left over from the 40th dinner. Our recycling.

Tom named all of the Old Timers and had them stand up to be recognized.

Again the oldest Old Timers in attendance was Murray Nicol

50/50 DRAW

Bill Lowrie ( Entertainment Guru/Old Timer) set up the 50/50 draw. Tickets were six tickets for $10.

There were three draws giving a total of 18 changes to win.



1st 50/50 - Lawrence Dunseath (Old Timer)

2nd 50/50- Reece Schendel-Marcott Mechanical Construction Inc.

3rd 50/50 - Cam McPherson - Excalibur Controls Products Inc

Two door prizes were donated. Thank you to Canplas and Milwaukee Tool

A M18 FUEL™ 2-Tool Combo Kit (Milwaukee Tool-Amanda Wippler) won by Darren McPherson (KEL)

A Bluetooth speaker (Canplas-Joe Howdle) won by Rick Delaney (Inductee 2019)

Congratulations all.

For entertainment this year we had Sid Manning,Provincial Administrator Plumbing and Gas at Alberta Municipal Affairs, who after some delay with a technical difficulty gave a talk on codes and some of the strange installations he saw in the field.

The technical difficulty was that Garry Alexander’s computer (Being almost as old as him) did not have the program to show Sid’s presentation, but Sid being well experienced in difficulties, abandoned Garry’s laptop and used his own. It pays to rehearse and to be up to date.

After dinner, there much socializing and tall tales.

Video of 2019 Old Timers in attendance, thanks for coming.

Oldtimer's dinner rev 2.mp4

See you at the 44th dinner, Thursday October 22nd, 2020, again at the Polish Hall.